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Alpha V4,00 Mega Update
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14th Jun 2014

Hey Every One .! 
After a Few Days We now Got the Next Mega Update Redy
we Got alot of new Exiding Stuff for you to try Out .! 

you can Now Team Up With Luna in a Epic Boss Battle 
Explore The Old Mad Kings Keep  And try if you Can Find Out What 
Him and The Queen Of Changelings are up too Now . 

there are alot of new Crafting items You Can use To boost you on you´r Quest . 
New Things To Pick Up . 

And now there are Traps In the World So Watch You´r Hoofs .! 

Find The Two New OC Ponyes and befrind Them They are Gonig To be important 
There are now Over 3 Houers Of Play Time in the Game So Enjoy The Tons Of Fun stuff to do in the game .! 

Some Short Words On New Stuff 
x5 new Areas 
x6 New Bosses 
x8 New Items 
x2 New Pony OC´s 
x7 New Items To craft 
x2 New Instances 
x5 new Quests 
New Skillz

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Forum » Forums » Info On the New Vertions
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